Traction Hi-Lo Table With Stool
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An affordable traction table that will provides unmatched functionality and flexibility? We have a product that offers both at an affordable cost that delivers unmatched value.

Item #32060

Product Description

• Gas-assisted struts control
• Four cushion-sections
• Low-friction gliding lumbar section
• Turret-mounted traction pedestal
• Table height electrically adjusts from 18-38” for ease of access
• Foot-pedal control on all four sides
• Industry-leading linear-actuator produces an unmatched 7,000 Newtons of force
• 110V or 220V are options with the flip of a switch
• MedSurface antimicrobial surface provides a sanitary surface that is easy to clean
• 3” non-slip cushion is gently contoured for both patient and practitioner comfort
• Integrated retractable casters included
• Three-year unmatched warranty

Traction Hi-Lo Table With Stool Specs