Q. Are you an American owned company?

A. Yes, our company in 100% American owned & operated, to include the factory where our products are manufactured.

Q. What is the warranty on your treatment-tables?

A. 3 years. Twice the industry standard.

Q. Why is your warranty longer?

A. Our table structure & the components are more substantial – heavier. An easy way to confirm that it is better built is to compare our shipping-weight to competitive tables.

Q. Who should I contact if I have a warranty issue?

A. Contact your dealer or us directly at 714-632-1012 or send a photo of the issue/problem to warranty@medsurface.com

Q. How can I purchase a MedSurface treatment-table?

A. Contact us for an authorized dealer near you.

Q. What should I use to clean the cushions on the tables?

A. Mild soap & water. Alternatively a 10% bleach/90% water mixture.

A. Do NOT use alcohol or mineral oil for cleaning & do NOT put hot packs directly on the cushions.